Motto: The Heart of Revival!

Our Community Standards and Ethics spelt out the Dos and Don’ts amongst and within the Virtual Prayer Room. 

We ask that users and participants of this Portal respects and to follow these guidelines in accordance to the word of God. “1 Corinthians 14:40 KJV Let all things be done decently and in order”.


  • The Holy Spirit is the Founder, Pastor and Prophet of the Portal.
  • The Official Language is the Holy Spirit! 
  • Free Entry & Exit.  
  • Just Pray in the Holy Ghost.
  • The Portal will be administered by Volunteering Gate-Keepers.
  • Be Focused. 
  • Integrity and Authenticity is Valued Considerable 
  • Privacy Respect & Safety at all times. 
  • Respect to Dignity and Personal Rights.
  • Protocols on Inter-Personal Networking on this Mountain must be observed strictly.
  • Kindly Always Cross Check with any of the Gate-keepers before you Create Relationship with Unknown Person(s) on this Portal without Exception.
  • It’s godly to Mind your own Business. 1 Thessalonians 4:11 KJV.
  • Please feel free to report any Breach of the Rules and Protocols.
  • Participants are Free to share the Portal on their various Social Media Platforms! 
  • Individual and Corporate Identification to the Mountain Values Allowed. 
  • Please feel free to give feedback on any of the rules that you consider rather offensive or inappropriate for due consideration.
  • Please Feel Free at any time to Share your Testimonies on the Chat Box. 
  • Please Contact any of the Gate-Keepers if your Testimony is considered Private. 
  • Thank You for Respecting the Covenant!


  • Zero Tolerance to any Form of Criminal or illegal Behaviour or Activities. 
  • Objectionable Content Disallowed. 
  • Poaching is Not Allowed.  
  • Solicit for Bank Account Details as the Portal has none. 
  • No Soliciting or Patronage for Donations of any sort. 
  • Zero Tolerance to any Form of Spiritual Pollution, Contamination and Fornication 
  • Publicity or Advertisement of Church Events and Programs are Not Allowed.
  • Thank You for Respecting the Covenant!

Vision/Mission Statement 

The gate keepers as there will be quite a number of us in that capacity. The prayer portal will be managed by volunteering gate-keepers I am not the captain of the mountain. Jesus Christ is the Captain and the Lord of Hosts. The holy spirit is the baba ori-oke. That is why our official language is the holy spirit! when we climb this mountain we should set our hearts that we are going to meet the holy spirit and not any man regardless the anchor channel for the night! this is the reason for tonight’s gathering so that we all witness the dedication of the prayer portal to the only one that can sustain it according to his will church leaders can bring their prayer retreat on the platform on arrangement either to take the initiative for the night or to join and connect with whatever dimension of god is in place every one connected is a spiritual or church leader in their own rights.